Bad employers hate whistleblowers. Good employers love them.

The University of Gloucestershire invested in excess of £150,000 of public money in order to defend a claim brought by Jan Merrigan at an Employment Tribunal. She claimed that she suffered a detriment after blowing the whistle on the state of finances at the university. After hearing the case over four days, the Tribunal upheld her claim and awarded Jan, who still works at the university, £6,000.

The university, which was recently reported to be in danger of going bankrupt, is considering spending more public money by appealing the decision. They have also expressed their disappointment that Mrs Merrigan decided to make her views public.

You couldn't make this stuff up!

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Oron said...

Alan, you may be interested to hear that the University lost one case in tribunal today. From the UCU's email:

Stirling University loses legal fight over dismissed staff

The University and College Union (UCU) has won a significant legal victory against the University of Stirling. The Glasgow Employment Tribunal ruled yesterday (Tuesday) that the university broke the law by failing to properly consult with the union when it did not renew fixed term contracts of staff.

Contact me if you want the full email.