King's College London: Support Virginia Jibowu

"Harassment and injustice in an institutionally racist environment."

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Letter released under Freedom of Information Act concerning Virginia Jibowu

From: John Rees
To: Hannah Sewell

Subject: FW: Urgent problem- confidential

Dear Hannah

I wonder if you would be prepared to meet this student with me next week. It seems to me we have to ask her to withdraw her accusations in writing or it needs to go to the college complaints system as harrassment.

My view was that we ask her to withdraw in writing and suggest that this looks as if there might be a problem and suggest she sees a psychiatrist.

If she agrees to neither we go to a formal complaint if she agrees to the withdrawal but not the psychiatrist we say, ok if she doesn't agree to that and there really is no problem then we don't expect to have any further issues, if there were we would need to readdress this.

Best wishes


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