Legal Action Imminent?

A little bird tells me that a Stirling University employee is considering legal action against me and my blog.

I can confirm that I have received no correspondence from anyone claiming that my blog contains any inaccuracies. I confirm also that I have written to certain individuals asking if there is anything I've said that they dispute, and to date this has not brought any response.

I hereby extend my offer to anyone who thinks there may be something inaccurate in my blog. Please let me know what it is, and if you can support your claim with evidence, then that would be useful to have.

For example, if you are University Secretary, Kevin Clarke and you think I've unfairly criticised you for having dismissed my appeal against Deputy Secretary, Eileen Schofield's handling of my grievance, then it would be useful if you were to respond to my questions dated 15 November 2010, when I asked for the facts on which Ms Schofield allegedly based her decision. I also asked if Ms Schofield, who was administratively supported by HR Partner, Karen Stark, gave me the opportunity to state my case. You described Ms Stark as "highly professional".

The University's Grievance Procedure states: At the grievance hearing, both sides i.e. the employee raising the grievance and the party against whom the grievance has been raised, will be given the opportunity to state their case.

It also states: Once all the details of the case have been heard, the chair of the hearing will decide on the outcome based on the facts of the case made available to them.

What's very clear and uncontested is that THEORETICALLY, Karen Stark is highly professional. There can be no doubt that she fully understands the university procedures to such an extent that she is prepared to communicate them in what could be regarded as a highly condescending manner to a less expert employee who seeks clarification on just how thorough the procedure is intended to be. There can be no doubt that Ms Stark definitely knows that the procedure is required to be carried out EQUITABLY and that allegations are to be investigated THOROUGHLY.

Although I do not dispute Ms Stark's knowledge of the requirements of the grievance and disciplinary procedures, I very strongly dispute that she ensured that those procedures were carried out in accordance with that knowledge. I can confidently say that Ms Stark's approach to these procedures was as totally corrupt. This would mean that all employees and former employees who have suffered at the hands of both yourself and Ms Stark should have their individual cases reviewed.

Both my representative and I had indicated to you that procedures had not been carried out equitably or thoroughly, and we gave several examples of this. Therefore I would like you to answer my questions from November 2010, and I would also like you to explain how your claim that there is no evidence of procedural flaw can be consistent with what was described to you in my letter of appeal as well as what was described to you during the hearing.

Here's a helpful reminder of the questions I would like you to answer.

You told the Employment Tribunal that the allegations I made in my grievance were investigated and rejected. For each allegation in my grievance, please state

(a) The allegation
(b) The date the allegation was investigated.
(c) The name(s) of the investigator(s)
(d) The form of the investigation, including the names of any witnesses interviewed, documents referred to, etc.
(e) The facts used in deciding to reject the allegation.
(f) Before the allegation was rejected, please state whether or not I was given an opportunity to provide further evidence to support the allegation, and if not, why not?

You also told them that Ms Schofield upheld Ms McCabe's grievance against me. For each allegation in her grievance, please state

(a) The allegation
(b) The date the allegation was investigated.
(c) The name(s) of the investigator(s)
(d) The form of the investigation, including the names of any witnesses interviewed, documents referred to, etc.
(e) Was it decided the allegation was true or was it rejected.
(f) The facts used to come to that decision.
(g) If it was decided that the allegation was true, was I given an opportunity to provide evidence to refute the allegation, and if not, why not?

You referred to the report produced by Ms Schofield. The report states that I was asked at the hearing to present my case. Do you now accept that I was asked to present a brief summary of my case only?

Any reputable employer would be only too happy to provide this information. Ms Stark of Chisholm Avenue, Stirling, was aware of her obligation to investigate my allegations thoroughly, but deliberately failed to fulfil her obligation. Instead she used the process to cause bad feeling between me and my colleagues. She was also aware that I was entitled to present my case, but she attended the hearing and knew that I was only allowed to briefly summarise my case. She saw Eileen Schofield's report which falsely states I was asked to present my case. She was aware that Kathy McCabe had presented a pack of lies at her hearing, but just allowed it. She attended interviews with colleagues who supported my case, but none of their statements were reflected in the report. She avoided interviewing important witnesses, including current employees, one of whom I had written to her with their name. All of the irrefutable evidence I presented was completely ignored, and Kathy wasn't even asked to respond to my allegations. The report also falsely states that Kathy was able to point evidence that supported her allegations and refuted mine. Yet Mr Clarke says he sees no flaw in the procedure.

Ms Stark then ensured that the disciplinary procedure was equally biased. She has absolutely no self respect. While she did all of this, she was fully aware that I had been suffering from stress for several years due to Kathy's bullying, and she knew some of the effects the stress was having on me. She also knew that my work was one of the few things that helped to reduce the stress. She also knew how Kathy's behaviour had damaged another employee's health. She is a moral vacuum. God knows what motivates her. She is pure evil!

I intend to have the corrupt bully supporter, Mr Clarke removed from his £150,000 a year job, and replaced by someone with integrity.

By achieving this, it is my sincere hope that, long after I'm dead, people in positions of power will think more carefully before abusing their power in order to protect bullies and to abuse innocent individuals. No doubt Mr Clarke never gave the slightest thought to any personal risk he may have been taking. As far as he was concerned, there was none. He probably still thinks that! He had managed to get rid of Kathy McCabe's previous victim without suffering any personal consequences. He certainly didn't give a damn what would happen to me. I was just an extremely dedicated, hard working employee; easily disposable.

My blog is possibly causing him some discomfort because it makes it fairly clear that he is corrupt, and I've been reliably told that, away from the university, his acquaintances had no idea what he's really like. His name is one of the most common Google searches that lead to my blog.

Watch this space...

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