Eileen Schofield death threat

Eileen Schofield, Deputy Secretary

Eileen Schofield, who conducted a sham grievance procedure between myself and Kathy McCabe, appears to have upset a Postgraduate researcher to the point where he felt the need to threaten to slit her throat if she ever lied to him again.

STV report here.

The report describes emails sent to Mrs Schofield with subjects 'You're an ignorant piece of sh*t' and 'C*nt'. One email said 'Your disciplinary procedures are a lot of sh*te. Mess with me again and I will kill you.'.

The report does not say whether, despite his threat, Mrs Schofield intends to continue with her corrupt practices.

BBC report here.

The report describes Mrs Schofield as "responsible for staff discipline". However, my own experience of Mrs Schofield is that she is corrupt, and she deliberately ignored evidence and came up with the dishonest decision that I had not been bullied by my manager to the detriment of my health, but that I had in fact bullied Mrs McCabe.

Since 15 November 2010, Stirling University has refused to provide me with the facts that Mrs Schofield used to arrive at her ridiculous decision. At first they claimed that these facts were irrelevant to the claim I brought to the Employment Tribunal. They now say that it is because I will "think about them", and that they are not sure whether I want them for the Tribunal, or for my blog which, despite its increased viewing figures, they say is not popular with certain members of staff.

It is unclear why the University thinks I would publish facts that would allow the public to see proof that I bullied my allegedly completely innocent manager who treated the team fairly and consistently. It is also unclear why the University would be opposed to me publishing these facts. One would have thought they would insist I publish them.

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