Andy Coulson - a bully!

It was widely reported on TV and in the press that yesterday (8 July 2011) Andy Coulson was arrested in connection with phone hacking and police corruption. Fewer people will be aware, however, that David Cameron's former spin doctor is also a bully.

In November 2009, an Employment Tribunal ordered the News of the World to pay Matt Driscoll £792,736 in compensation for being the victim of "a consistent pattern of
bullying behaviour", led by the paper's former editor, Andy Coulson. The bullying continued when Driscoll was signed off on sick leave for stress related depression.

Story at the Guardian.

Tommy Sheridan's lawyers have called for a police investigation into Mr Coulson's suspected lying on oath after he told a perjury trial that there was no culture of phone hacking at the News of the World.

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