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Gerry McCormac
I'm reliably informed that if you Google Gerry McCormac, my blog is currently displayed on page one and position one. It's above Stirling University's website, and it's above the sites that relate to the teachers' review. It's also above the site where he is interviewed about his favourite teacher. Thanks to Gerry, my site is getting busier and busier, and more people are becoming familiar with Gerry's corrupt practices.

Gerry has the gall to tell teachers how to work better. He should get his own house in order before he starts telling other people where they are going wrong.

Why does he keep giving these interviews that make him out to be everybody's favourite uncle? Why does he not address the subject that google knows him best for? Why not have an open meeting, Gerry; invite me along and you can tell your audience what you've done to rid Stirling University of corruption? I'm sure you'd be able to make mincemeat of me, Gerry. I've been reduced to a wreck by Stirling University for being dedicated, hard working and conscientious. It happened under your watch, Gerry. Have a real interview where you don't agree in advance the safe, cutesy questions that you are allowed to be asked.

Questions like: What are you doing to reduce corruption at Stirling University? Where's the evidence? Why didn't you just sack Kevin Clarke and his cohorts? You say you know how to get the best out of people, how? Corruption? Where's the evidence of this? Why didn't you handle my grievances, Gerry? Are you a coward, Gerry? Did you give instructions for Stirling University to pervert the course of justice by producing a fraudulent document, Gerry? If not, what have you done about it in the seven months since it happened under your watch?

A whole load of google users will be wondering, Gerry.

Stirling University's grievance procedure states that, within three months of leaving the university, employees can still raise grievances against employees. I sent Gerry formal grievances on 23 September 2010 against 13 (thirteen) employees within three months of leaving the uni on 25 June 2010. He replied with a very curt letter saying that all mechanisms were exhausted.

He didn't explain why. Had I misunderstood the grievance procedure or something? I'm left wondering. I asked him the following question on 2 November 2011:
I refer you to the university grievance procedure which states that an employee may raise grievances within three months of leaving. I lodged a number of grievances with you in September 2010. Please state why you did not action those grievances, and the names of all employees who encouraged you not to action them.

That's been 17 days, but I've still not heard. Maybe if I'd asked him what his favourite teddy was, I would have got an answer instantly.

Here's my letter that Gerry couldn't be bothered dealing with.

Formal Grievances
I worked at the University from 7 May 1997 until I was dismissed by Mark Toole on 25 June 2010. My dismissal immediately followed a formal grievance I lodged against my manager, Kathy McCabe.

I now wish to raise formal grievances against a number of employees. The grievance procedure says that I should send the grievances to Human Resources Services, but two of my grievances are against employees from that department. My grievances are against the following employees:

Kathy McCabe
I would now like my grievance to be processed properly with integrity. A decision should be based on the facts.

Eileen MacDonald
Eileen gave false evidence during an investigation held as part of my grievance against Kathy McCabe. She also gave false evidence during the disciplinary investigation that led to my dismissal. She also colluded with colleagues who gave similar false evidence. I submitted a grievance against Eileen in June 2008 which was never processed. That grievance was a result of Eileen sending an email to our manager in which she made offensive comments about me and provided misleading information about my performance.

One example of her dishonesty is her claim that I treated Programmers inconsistently with regard to database security procedures. This was a topic which was fully discussed with the team (BSDS) at a meeting in which I was heckled by Eileen who had made this claim. Database security procedures were agreed with all team members and were applied consistently by myself and the part time Database Administrator, David Black. There is ample evidence of me having corresponded with Eileen in attempts to discover why she couldn’t work within the agreed procedures, and that my attempts were ignored.

Una Forsyth
Una also gave false evidence during those two investigations and colluded with others. One example is that she falsely stated that she had not physically assaulted me. Another example is that she gave the strong impression that we didn’t get along and that she avoided any contact with me, and that I generally didn’t get along with the women in the team. She did this because this was the story that the employees with whom she had colluded had invented. Ample evidence shows that we got along very well, and that she had even recently cooked me a meal.

Jackie O’Neil
Jackie also gave false evidence during those two investigations and colluded with others. One example is in relation to an incident when she shouted at me while slamming her hand on her desk. There is clear evidence that her account of this incident is false.

Selina Gibb
Selina also gave false evidence during the disciplinary investigations and colluded with others. One example is that Selina claimed to be anxious and nervous around me, when ample evidence showed that this clearly was not the case.

Eileen Schofield
Eileen chaired my grievance hearing and deliberately produced a dishonest report. The very least that I would expect when raising a grievance is that Eileen should have asked Kathy McCabe to respond to my allegations, but she did not. She has not acted in good faith, and has deliberately attempted to cover up my manager’s bullying behaviour for which I submitted irrefutable evidence.

Kevin Clarke
Kevin chaired my appeal against Eileen’s decision. He failed to dismiss Eileen’s dishonest report and arrange for my grievance to be processed properly.

Graham Millar and Gail Miller
Graham and Gail carried out the Disciplinary Investigation dishonestly. Their role was to establish facts and not to make judgements or come to conclusions. They did precisely the opposite by deliberately ignoring the facts and by making judgements and coming to conclusions. They did this because the facts did not match the conclusions they were determined to come to. Examples of this is that they did not check out conflicting evidence and did not interview someone I’d said witnessed the incident with Jackie O’Neil. The conclusions are highly offensive towards me, even though it would have been clear to them that they had been given false statements. Mark Toole said he chose Graham to carry out a “fair and thorough” investigation because he is an experienced investigator. This confirms my view that the investigation was carried out dishonestly.

Mark Toole
Mark failed to process my grievance against Eileen MacDonald since he joined the university in Occtober 2008. He continues to falsely claim that I had withdrawn that grievance despite me having confirmed in the presence of my union representative in 2009 that I had not. He also failed to process my complaint against Jackie O’Neil. He also failed to take my grievance against Kathy McCabe seriously, and failed in his duty to care for my health. His own actions have caused my health to deteriorate further. His decision to dismiss me was made dishonestly. I presented ample proof that the complainants had lied and that they had colluded. He failed to ensure that the Investigators produced a report that established the facts. He has failed to discipline employees who have made malicious complaints. He has dishonestly stated that he sees no evidence that the complainants had lied and colluded and that he sees no motive for such a conspiracy. The motive was clear that two of the complainants were facing complaints made by me, another had just been interviewed about having physically assaulted me, and the other admitted to being a close friend of her line manager. He speaks of gross misconduct over a number of years, yet there is no record of any of this prior to me lodging my formal grievance against my manager. He makes no attempt to explain the staggeringly conflicting evidence. Mark also witnessed Kathy McCabe bullying me during two meetings.

Karen Stark
Karen failed to ensure that these procedures were carried out honestly and in good faith. Karen’s actions were consistently to support a bullying manager. She worked very closely with Eileen Schofield and could see that her report did not reflect the facts available to her. She did not ensure that my grievance was processed properly. She deliberately avoided interviewing an employee I told her was a witness to a specific incident. She was also aware that the Disciplinary Investigators had avoided interviewing David Black. She even announced during the Disciplinary Hearing that I was “drunk”. I also saw an email from Kathy McCabe to Karen in which Kathy thanks her for her support in this matter. Karen also witnessed Kathy McCabe bullying me during two meetings.

Martin McCrindle and Karen Plouvier
Despite the obvious flaws in the Disciplinary Procedure, Martin and Karen failed to overturn the decision to dismiss me, and arrange for the matter to be properly investigated without bias. They also failed to explain how the evidence given by the complainants conflicts so staggeringly with the facts presented.

It is clear that the university suffers from wide spread corruption which in this instance has been used to protect bullies and dismiss a dedicated member of staff. I hope that you will be as shocked as I am that this type of behaviour exists in a university in the 21st century, and that you will take appropriate action to resolve these very serious issues.

Yours sincerely

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