The Problem With Women

One of the problems that Stirling University faces in defending the tribunal case is that after I made my protected disclosure, a large number of colleagues were encouraged to report that I had "a problem with women". This included Kathy McCabe, Eric Hall, Eileen MacDonald, Una Forsyth, Selina Gibb And Jackie O'Neil.

I had informed Christine Hallett that my manager, Kathy McCabe discriminated on the basis of gender, but rather than deal with that genuine issue, management performed a switch to make it appear that I was the one who discriminated based on gender. First, Karen Stark caused bad feelings between me and my colleagues by interviewing them about old incidents when they had abused me. Then word was passed down that they should suggest that I had "a problem with women".

The problem they have is that, despite all of these people saying this, there will be no documentary evidence that exists of this prior to my protected disclosure. There will be no record of me having been reprimanded or spoken to or informed in any way about my alleged "problem with women" during my thirteen years of service. How could there be? It hadn't been invented yet. So this is another dilemma the university has. Should they create a few helpful documents that refer to this alleged "problem with women", or do they admit that there is none? All of the allegations of my "problem with women" comes from those colleagues within days of each other. And it is obviously false. It's worse than none!

I have asked the university to produce all documents that refer to me having this "problem with women".

At the hearing in June, we discussed my request for the university to produce the questionnaires that the women, who allege that I had bullied them over several years, had completed about two months before I made my protected disclosure. The questionnaire included questions about bullying, and asked if you were being bullied. I knew that none of them would have said that they were being bullied. I would have been the only member of the team who said I was being bullied. The university's lawyer objected to my request. Clearly he knows it's all a pack of lies. The employment judge said that the questionnaires would not be necessary as the university would be expected to show documentary evidence of me bullying women over time.

What will the university do? It won't be able to produce anything that is timestamped, so will they try and create something that's not timestamped? Unfortunately for them, they won't be able to mention my alleged "problem with women" in my appraisal reports, because I have already seen them. That's a big disadvantage for them. I had an appraisal about nine months before I made my protected disclosure, but of course it doesn't refer to something that wasn't to be invented until nine months later.

So each of these people who referred to my alleged "problem with women" will have to explain why there is no evidence of them having reported it. Going by the number of times it is mentioned in their statements, you would expect there to be a big bundle of documents that refer to it. More importantly, the tribunal will expect there to be evidence of it. There would be lots of emails inviting me to attend meetings to discuss my alleged "problem with women". There would be an audit trail which shows that my alleged "problem with women" was being monitored and reassessed. There would be massive reports written up about all the occasions I had trapped women in the office and went wild with them. There would be plans that show that I was to be separated from women for fear that my alleged "problem with women" escalated.

So when the university responds to my requests for documents, it will be interesting to see all of the evidence of my alleged "problem with women". Will the uni feel that it is still worthwhile to create some more fraudulent documents?

Will Gerry McCormac go for broke, and order some more fraudulent documents to be created? If he does, he should ask them to be more careful this time, and not make it obvious that it's a fraud. By failing to take any action over the fraudulent document, Gerry is making it look like he was involved in it.

It's time you spoke out, Gerry. Did you order the fraudulent document to be created? If not, then please explain why you have taken no action to root out the criminal element in Stirling University.

One problem the university will face if they do decide to produce fraudulent documentary evidence of my alleged "problem with women" is that they are bound to be asked why they didn't produce that very important evidence before the hearing began in June 2011. Mark Toole claims that he dismissed me because I bullied women over time. Why would they not have included all of the documents (that the judge said they would expect to see) at that time?

What did the university tell their lawyer when he asked to see all the documentary evidence of me bullying women? Maybe I should call him as a witness and ask him. He can't produce any genuine evidence of my alleged "problem with women", but he desperately wants to show the tribunal my blog; my blog which didn't exist until after my unfair dismissal and would never have existed had it not been for that unfair dismissal. That can't possibly justify dismissal. He is focusing on my blog because he doesn't have a scrap of evidence that I was guilty of gross misconduct. There's plenty of evidence of gross misconduct by others though.

Where was the evidence that allegedly persuaded Mark Toole that I had a "problem with women"? Why did he not expect that there would be lots of documentary evidence of this? Mark will need answers to questions like those if he is to have any chance of fooling the tribunal that the dismissal was genuine. Mark said he could see no evidence that the complainants had conspired.

What action has Gerry taken over Mark's deliberate unfair dismissal, and Martin McCrindle's sham appeal process? What action has he taken over Eileen Schofield's sham grievance process? What action has he taken over Kevin Clarke's sham grievance appeal process?

If he takes no action over corrupt colleagues, then he is just as corrupt as they are.

That's Gerry McCormac for you; the man who claims to know how to get the best out of people. My arse, Gerry!

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