Karen Stark - Evil Psychopath

One interesting feature of the bullying and corruption at Stirling University is the pure evil methods employed by Human Resources Partner, Karen Stark in order to protect Kathy McCabe, the long term bully and sex discriminator.

I've seen Karen, who lives about half a mile from me at 24 Chisholm Avenue, Stirling, FK9 5QT, shopping in a supermarket. I've seen her drive a car, and I've seen her walk along the road just as though she was a perfectly normal person, but she's far from normal. She is an evil psychopath.

Some psychopaths can cover up their evil actions with the use of their intelligence, but Karen hasn't been blessed with intelligence either. She does evil things and either thinks she will never be found out because she believes she is intelligent, or she really doesn't care.

Why would someone who is evil be drawn to work in Human Resources? I am 55 years old, and I honestly believed that the purpose of HR, aka Personnel, was to provide help and support for the staff. I was incredibly nieve. Apparently HR is there to support management. And because Stirling University's management is corrupt, HR is also corrupt.

Maybe Karen was normal before she joined Stirling Uni; I don't know, but it appears to be part of her work that she relishes. Normal people would complain if they were required to act dishonestly at work. Not Karen; she seems to love that part of her work, and maybe she hopes that by being so evil, it will improve her prospects of promotion over colleagues who may be more hesitant when it comes to being downright evil.

I had known all along that Karen, along with Directors Peter Kemp and Mark Toole, was covering up for Kathy McCabe's behaviour. That's why I wrote to the Principal, Christine Hallett about it. Unfortunately the Principal was also corrupt, and was replaced by another, Gerry McCormac who is equally corrupt. It must be part of the job description.

In the past, corrupt and evil people could continue their devious actions without the public knowing. Now we live in the information age, and they can no longer do that. The public, their friends and their family can see how evil and corrupt they really are. I think blogs like this will act as a deterrent to future corrupt practices, but it won't completely eliminate them. For example,I had already published my blog before Stirling University decided to produce a fraudulent document for the Employment Tribunal to pervert the course of justice. Blogs like this will not deter the stupid who think they can break the law without being detected. Karen Stark thought she was clever enough to pull it off, yet it wouldn't have fooled a blind man on a galloping horse.

But there's much more evil that Karen has done, and I'm sure I know only a tiny fraction of it. What I wonder is if she cares about being found out at all, or if she simply eliminated any thought from her mind that her evil acts will be discovered.

Soon after I blew the whistle on her to the corrupt Principal, Karen arranged a sham grievance process. Again, she must either think people are stupid and can't realise it's a sham or she doesn't care. Obviously her job is safe because she acted for a corrupt management that is desperate to protect Kathy McCabe whose husband, Liam is the Director of Finance.

So the sham grievance process meant that Kathy was safe from being fired or any disciplinary action whatsoever, but that wasn't enough for Karen. She saw what she thought was a golden opportunity to cause trouble for me. Eileen Schofield who was in charge of the grievance process decided to begin an investigation, or more accurately; a witch hunt. The investigation was to involve interviewing my colleagues. For some odd reason, the names of the colleagues to be interviewed had to have been mentioned in the grievance documents. At no stage was I asked to give names of witnesses, and Karen didn't tell me who would be interviewed. It was all part of a sham because I had provided ample documentary evidence of Kathy's bullying and sex discrimination.

One of the complaints in my grievance was how Kathy would permit my colleagues to be abusive towards me and take no action over it, yet she would raise issues about stupid things like me having my arms folded during a team meeting. Kathy had also become deranged.

When Karen wrote to me to say that they would be interviewing colleagues, I replied and reminded her that my grievance was against Kathy and not my colleagues. I warned her that the interviews could cause bad feelings between me and my colleagues. Karen said that they were required by the terms of the grievance process to thoroughly investigate the allegations. Note the word "thoroughly" which I will refer to later.

At the tribunal, a document was produced which showed who they planned to interview. When I wrote to Karen warning her of the possible bad feelings it would cause, there were no plans to interview Una Forsyth, Jackie O'Neil or Eileen MacDonald. Karen Stark had clearly arranged for those three colleagues to be interviewed after reading my concerns, with the sole purpose of causing trouble between us.

Unknown to me, Una Forsyth was interviewed. I didn't expect Una to be interviewed because I hadn't mentioned her name, but I hadn't realised that Kathy had lodged a document with Una's name on it. Una was asked about an incident three years earlier when she had assaulted me for some reason I will probably never know. Una immediately denies the assault despite the fact she did it in front of more than a dozen witnesses. She also adds the most incredible lies about how I was the only member of the team she doesn't get on with. This wasn't long after she had cooked food for me at home and brought it in to work. It was also not long after she had invited me to be her friend on Facebook. Una is another one who thinks that she can lie undetected, when in fact she really ought to have stuck to the truth. But she had been led to believe that I had complained about her, and Karen Stark was happy to allow her to believe that.

After her interview, Una's conscience got the better of her, and she imagined that I was gloating at her about her being interviewed by HR, when in fact I had no idea she had been interviewed. She took our colleague, Karen Eccleson with her to complain to Karen Stark about my "gloating". In court, Karen described Una as being upset. This was Karen doing her "I'm normal, I care about people" act. Of course, rather than do the normal, unevil thing and put Una's mind at rest by telling her that I hadn't complained about the assault, Karen sent Una home until she was less upset. And when Una was feeling better and wanted to return to work, again rather than tell Una the truth, Karen arranged for Una to work in a completely different part of the building, away from "nasty" Allan. The further she was from me, the less likely she would be to learn the truth.

Una fell for Karen's evil tricks, hook, line and sinker. The person who had needlessly got her involved in my grievance against Kathy was not nasty Allan at all, but the apparently kind, thoughtful, Florence Nightingale like, Karen Stark, and what's more, she did it against my expressed wishes, and to deliberately upset Una.

What about Karen's story? Karen said that she was required by the grievance process to investigate the allegations thoroughly. Remember that word, "thoroughly"? So if that was genuinely the reason for interviewing Una, then lets examine how thorough that investigation was.

Was I asked about it? No.

Was Kathy McCabe asked about it? No. Indeed Karen Stark was present when Kathy McCabe announced in front of several witnesses that she had known that Una had assaulted me. The other witnesses were Lynn McDonald, Mark Toole and Dave Edgar. Although all of their names appeared in the grievance documents, none of them were interviewed.

Was anybody who witnessed the assault asked about it? No. Even though Una confirmed that there were a large number of witnesses, this "thorough" investigation didn't even require the names of any those witnesses.

What useful purpose would there have been of investigating the assault? None. I had never made any complaint, and the incident was more than three years old.

So there was no investigation, thorough or otherwise, because no investigation was required. Una was interviewed solely to cause trouble between us.

I began to notice that Una was giving me the cold shoulder, or at least it appeared that way. I couldn't be sure because she has a hearing problem, and rather than just ignoring me, she might just not have heard me. But then she removed me as her friend from Facebook, so I knew that there must have been something wrong, but of course, I had no idea what. I asked David Black if he knew. He said he didn't know, but Una confirmed in court that he did know. He too was happy for Una to continue to be misled. I wrote to Una to try to find out what was wrong. I even told her that she had probably been misled about something. I know that I was constantly the subject of gossip and rumours by Eileen MacDonald and Jackie O'Neil. Una didn't reply, and instead went to complain to Karen Stark again; the very person who was deliberately misleading her. And again, Karen allowed Una to believe that I had made a complaint against her.

Una's "friends" rallied and encouraged her to make up false complaints about me. That's one of Una's biggest problems. She genuinely doesn't know who her real friends are.

And, of course, Karen and Mark Toole were eager to pretend to believe the false complaints, and they were eager to allow Una to continue to believe that I had complained about her. To remove any chance of Una finding out the truth, I was suspended from work by Mark Toole when he absolutely knew that I was completely innocent of the absurd allegations that had been made against me. He definitely knew because that's why he refused to carry out an investigation as he was legally obliged to, and why he simply ignored all the evidence that confirmed that the allegations were false.

Unknown to me, Karen had also received an email from Bruce Flockhart in which he confirms that Jackie O'Neil had phoned a software supplier and angrily made derogatory remarks about me. Karen kept quiet about that too, even though Jackie had denied it when Karen interviewed her. Jackie had also denied ever shouting at me, but Karen had seen emails about Jackie's most recent shouting incident just days earlier. Mark Toole was arranging a meeting with me and Jackie to discuss it, but Karen told Jackie not to attend.

Are you glad that the world now knows you are an evil psychopath, Karen Stark?

And what about you, Kathy McCabe? Are you happy now that it has required so much dishonesty and corruption to protect you from justice? Wouldn't it have been better for everybody concerned if you had paid attention to what I told you in the first place? You just wouldn't listen, would you? And you can't complain that I "expect you to be a mind reader", can you?

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