Kathy McCabe in fear for her life

At the tribunal hearing, Kathy referred to this blog, and in particular to the post called "Kathy McCabe - Silent Witness". I wrote it at the time when Stirling University strongly objected to me calling Kathy as a witness to the hearing.

According to Kathy, she takes this to represent a death threat. She said that there is a TV programme called "Silent Witness" where the witness is dead, and therefore silent.

As well as being a proven habitual liar, Kathy is a bit of a drama queen.

Now, I ask you! If you were living in fear that I planned to kill you, why on earth would you continue to work five days a week in a public building within walking distance of my home?

To add to her very dubious testimony, she proudly announced in response to a different question, that she operates an open door policy. I think if I was a woman in her position in fear that a man was planning to kill me, my door would not only be closed; it would be locked, and it would be in a different country, and not have my name on it.

You really ought to give up lying, Kathy. You are hopeless at it. It's not just a case of saying your lies, you have got to remember them and live them too. They have to be consistent with everything else you say and do, and they have to be consistent with evidence that exists and what witnesses have seen.

Like when you sent the whole team that email to publicly humiliate me and claim that I was a liar and that neither that year, nor any previous year, had I ever asked to attend a conference, and therefore you couldn't have rejected a non request because you are not a mind reader, and all the rest of your fucking shit. Before you came out with all of that shit, didn't you even bother to think that I might still have the written requests going back several years? Didn't you consider that I might still have your acknowledgements to those requests? Didn't you think about how I had already referred to the corrupt manner in which you handle conference attendance in my informal grievance to Peter Kemp? Didn't you think about how we had discussed it at my appraisal and that it was recorded in the appraisal report too? Didn't you think about how you had told Karen Eccleson to keep quiet about it when she asked you why you wouldn't allow me to attend? Did you give any thought at all to what Karen would think when she received your email? Did you imagine I would encourage further bullying by not responding to your email? And why were you so fucking desperate to keep me away from conferences anyway?

Just who the fuck did you think you are writing that shit about me and making it public to try to make a fool of me? And this was after you had agreed to comply with Mark Toole's instruction that criticism should be delivered privately and be evidence based. Most managers, in fact most normal people already know that without having to be told, but Mark Toole had to give you a special instruction, and you still couldn't follow it. Lynn McDonald heard you agree to comply, remember? You are out of fucking control. A complete nut job that will never fucking learn.

I would love to know how you explained this away to the rest of the team. Did you just keep quiet about it, and hope that nobody asked? You sneekily sent me a meeting request to discuss the matter. You made your email public on your Outlook Calendar, and you deliberately worded it in a way that could have been construed that my requests to attend conference had been made inappropriately. You are utterly pathetic! How did it feel to know that it was now obvious to everyone in the team that you are a barking mad liar?

I offered you an opportunity to apologise. Apparently you saw no reason to apologise. You had just called me a liar and humiliated me to every one of my 16 colleagues, but you didn't think an apology was in order. The opportunity to apologise no longer exists. You might regret it, but it's too late for sorry.

Did you seriously think that I was the only one in the team that knew about your lying habit, and all your other dishonest habits?

When you announced during that meeting with Mark Toole, Karen Stark, Dave Edgar and Lynn McDonald that you are well liked by the team, did you really believe it? There are several team members who had openly stated how they despised you. Eric Hall, for example, who you think likes you, openly stated that he "hates the fucking bitch" when referring to you.

I was once alone in the tea room with Jaana who was extremely angry with you, and told me she "fucking hates" you too. Then, literally a split second later, you walked into the room, and she became all nice and pleasant and chatty with you. Karen doesn't like you, even before the conference matter and the voluntary severance matter, she knew you were a liar and couldn't be trusted. Even Deana told me she doesn't like you. David Black knows you are a nut job too, but pretends to like you to your face, because he's frightened of you. Lynn McDonald also spoke of your devious ways. Dave Farley doesn't like you.  Jacqueline Borthwick didn't like you. John McDonald didn't like you. You also read what Bruce Flockhart wrote about you, and Marco couldn't stand you. You also read what Gordon and John wrote about you. They certainly didn't like you. Kevin Woolley strongly disliked you too. He calls you "macho woman". You know that Deana, Jackie and Karen felt the need to talk to you about your dodgy recruitment habits, and you know that Jackie was far from impressed when you told her not to send any emails before you checked them first. And now you know that Peter Kemp was having to lie to cover up for your bullying behaviour. Imagine, senior management having to invent stories to cover up for you, yet he didn't even tell you.

And you know from feedback you received from Jaana, Deana, Eric and Paul that they were far from impressed with you as a manager. Eric said it was by far the worst feedback any manager had ever received on that training course. I can't imagine why this would lead you to believe that they liked you. They were not impressed either when you took them aside and explained to them that they had given the wrong feedback. Deana said she felt intimidated by you.

Then there was that team meeting you held when you acted like a complete nut and seemed to imagine that the team was attacking you, and you got all defensive and attacked back. After that meeting, the first person to criticise you was your best buddy, Eileen MacDonald. There was even talk of us all going along to HR to complain about you. Jaana did complain to HR about you after she had a meeting with you that left her crying uncontrollably, which in turn, upset the whole team.

So if you seriously thought that the team liked you, then you are also delusional. No doubt some team members are grateful for your special, discriminatory favours. For example, Suzie, Eileen Mac and Selina, but if you have to buy people's affection, then they are not really friends, are they?

Ironically, the only person I can actually recall saying they liked you, was me. That was before I knew what you were up to. I was so busy with my enormous workload that I didn't realise what was going on. It was when my colleagues told me that you had created a new post in order to promote Eileen MacDonald, and then it actually happened that I realised how bent you are. Marco had worked his arse off for you, but you wouldn't promote him. Bruce also got through tons of work, but you wouldn't promote him or even give him a permanent contract. Having Eileen in the team was worse than being a man short. She was a drain on resources. I constantly had to do her work for her, and explain things to her over and over and over. But you actually fucking promoted her.

Ask yourself why anyone would like you. You are a bully and a cheat and a liar. And you're constantly having to cover up your lies with brand new lies that are just as bad or worse than the original lies that you were trying to cover up. You fucking lied on oath about the vouchers too, even though it was obvious you would be caught out because it didn't just involve me; it involved David Black too. I bet you even lied to Deana and Stephen about the vouchers at the time. And you fucking lied again about the conference to try to cover up all your other lies about the conference. This time you claimed you didn't send me because the conference was about matters that were of no interest to the university. Did you not realise that the conference agenda is stored on line, Kathy?

When you have team meetings, how do you expect anyone to believe a word you say? They are probably constantly trying to work out the motive behind any decisions you make, because they are rarely honest.

And if you really think you are liked and well thought of by the team, why did you always avoid anonymous feedback? Is it maybe because you shit yourself when you saw the anonymous feedback from Jaana, Deana, Eric and Paul? They sort of lost their anonymity when all four individually gave terrible feedback. Eric admitted in court that he said that on the second time around, he had given better feedback than you deserved, just for a quiet life.

Remember saying this to the team?  "I would like your feedback on my new appraisal system. We could do this anonymously, but I'm sure that my team doesn't have a problem saying openly what they think."

What you really meant was "We could do this anonymously, but I'd rather not have the truth. So if you say anything bad, I will know who you are."

Well, I can tell you for a fact that although the feedback I gave was completely honest, there were at least two  people whose feedback was dishonest, because they had told me exactly what they thought of it. They were Dave Farley and David Black, but I doubt if they were alone in just wanting a quiet life.

You even complained in your grievance or something else that I had given poor feedback. So basically you complained because I didn't lie. You complained because you had an honest employee. Do you see the irony, Kathy? You manipulate feedback by intimidation. Is that what they taught you on that expensive training course you were on? That was money well spent, wasn't it?

"We could do this anonymously, but then I wouldn't know who to bully and raise a grievance against."

Eric was correct!

As regards planning to kill anyone; you bullied me for several years despite several requests for you to stop. That bullying has led to me being dismissed unfairly from the job I had worked extremely hard for, including six years that I worked an extra 15 hours a week. My mental health has been severely damaged. My prospects of ever finding work are minimal, and my life has been ruined. You have gone completely unpunished despite lying at your grievance hearing and perjuring yourself at the tribunal hearing, and fooling nobody.

Why would I be planning to kill someone, and why do you think it should be you?

Killing someone would be nothing compared with what I've already done. I've folded my arms during a team meeting, for heaven's sake! Well, at least you said I did. Was that a lie too, Kathy?

You are a nut job, Kathy. You know it; the team knows it; even Suzie and Eileen know it; management knows it; other universities know it; Liam knows it; your children know it, Colin Sinclair knows it; your Facebook friends and your neighbours know it. There will be very few people at Stirling University that don't know it. When the new developers start, they will know it. When you went to the police, I bet they knew it too.

If you didn't want people to know you are a nut job, then you should have done your job properly. God knows, you were warned often enough. You were given a fantastic opportunity. but whenever a chance came your way, you cheated and discriminated and bullied. You should never be in a job managing people. You cannot manage people. To make matters worse, you kept recruiting unmanageable people.

If you are embarrassed by me telling the world about your ludicrous behaviour, then you have yourself and Martin McCrindle to thank for that. I warned him that my dismissal would result in embarrassment to Stirling University and many of its employees. He knew that I had the evidence to prove what I say, but he was desperate to get rid of a whistleblower, regardless of your embarrassment and that of Una, Jackie, Eileen, Selina, Mark, Karen, himself, etc.

This matter may attract a lot more publicity in the future. I would love it if the TV channels take up the story. I don't think you'd be as keen though. You might be asked some seriously difficult questions, and we both know how much you hate that.

You are not in any position to complain about my blog. It was you that wanted to go public, remember. And, unlike you, I only tell the truth. However, if you think I've lied in my blog about you, then you could take legal action. Go on, I dare you. Think of the publicity you'd get. Why not create your own blog to deny my allegations. Go on, call me a liar again in public. I dare you.

When I raised the matter of your dishonesty during mediation, you should have thanked me. I'm sure dozens of other people have listened to your lies and just let you make a fool of yourself without bringing it to your attention. I certainly don't think it was helpful for you that Colin Sinclair was prepared to lie for you. He would have been a far better friend if he had told you that you are dishonest, and that you should cut it out because folk are not stupid. They know that you are very dishonest. You have no credibility.

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