Should bullies fear for their lives?

When bullies like Kathy McCabe do their bullying, do they ever consider what it may eventually lead to?

Some targets of bullying commit suicide. I attempted suicide in February 2012. Some targets of bullying take revenge on the bully and either seriously injure or kill them, and people close to them. I can fully understand why they do it. It may possibly be a natural instinct.

I have detested violence all of my life. I've been vegetarian for twenty five years because I don't like the thought of animals being killed. I have always gone about my life lawfully and always respected other people's rights. My natural instinct has been to help others rather than hurt them. I have always opposed the death penalty too, not just because of possible miscarriages of justice, but because I think it's barbaric.  But for a very long time now, I have been imagining myself killing various people. These involuntary thoughts come into my head almost from the moment I wake each morning, and they are with me countless times a day. I'm not hearing voices that are telling me to kill, but I constantly visualise myself doing it. This must happen to other targets of bullying, and obviously some go on to carry out the killings.

Bullying should definitely be taken seriously. It should be considered a criminal offence in certain cases, and covering up for a bully should definitely be a criminal offence. I feel sure that that will eventually be the case, but sadly it is unlikely to happen in my life time. To carry out sham investigations into bullying is sub-human.

Bullying is a form of torture. The bully gains sadistic pleasure from watching their target suffer. Kathy McCabe and her husband, Liam probably earn in excess of £160,000 a year. Most people would love to be in that position heading towards retirement. It wasn't enough for Kathy though. No amount of money could give her the thrill she receives from bullying. It's the abuse of power over someone less powerful. Big kids bully little kids at school, and powerful managers bully their powerless subordinates at work.

Some people can handle power appropriately. Lots of big kids are not interested in bullying little kids. But Kathy's only consideration was how to abuse her power. She was like a kid in a sweet shop, and her managers just let her do as she pleased, and they even lied to cover up for her.

No amount of warning would encourage Kathy to stop bullying. Whenever I confronted her about it, she would try to dismiss it by saying things like "Don't harp back to the past; look to the future." So I was supposed to keep wiping the slate clean, only to find that she would continue where she left off. She couldn't keep to any agreements she made.

The "mind reader" email to the team was the last straw. I had taken unfair treatment, dishonesty and constant unjust criticism from her for years, and I could take no more, and that email proved that she got pleasure from doing it. I suspect that originally her criticism had been based on false stories she was being told by the likes of Eileen MacDonald and Jackie O'Neil, but she had moved on from that and had begun to make up her own false stories. That had been evident a year earlier when we had meetings that were supposed to resolve the problem. Kathy used the meetings to launch a tirade of fake complaints about me so that she could avoid having to talk about the real problem.

That's the bizarre thing. She was obviously very uncomfortable being confronted with her bullying behaviour, but no matter how uncomfortable she felt, it didn't stop her from doing it. She has a self destruct button that she can't stop pushing. The thrill she receives from bullying far outweighs the discomfort of being found out.

And management still covered up for her, making it obvious that they are corrupt. How sick is that? A very large number of people were prepared to corrupt themselves to protect a serial, long term bully. If they had dealt with Kathy in the correct manner, I wouldn't be having these thoughts of killing people.

The people who covered up for Kathy and unfairly dismissed me are all supposed to be intelligent people with university degrees. But really, they are just criminals; pure and simple. They know that they've done wrong. Their crimes were premeditated. They were caught red handed, but they have escaped punishment.

Although I am strongly opposed to violence and killings, I am also strongly in favour of law and justice. Without justice, society is broken, and it is everyone for themselves. Stirling University has created a pressure pot. When crimes go unpunished, violence will inevitably increase.

When I read of targets of bullying who kill themselves, it saddens me because that's when the bully receives maximum pleasure; yet society continues to allow it to happen. Suicide has to be the ultimate goal for the bully. Knowing they have the power to make targets kill themselves must make them cum in their underpants. Some bullies continue to bully after their victim is dead. by celebrating their death on the internet. I have no doubt that Kathy would have been wishing that my suicide attempt had been successful. That's one of the things that keeps me going just now. Kathy shouldn't be rewarded by seeing me dead. That would just encourage more bullying. On the other hand, I have no great desire to live. That's the dilemma! And it's a dilemma that I expect others have faced before me.

When I read of targets of bullying that kill their tormentors, I am left with mixed emotions. A life has been lost, and I would much prefer that to be avoided. However, it does send out a message to other bullies that bullying is not a risk free hobby. I suppose it's like reading about people who are killed because they were speaking on their mobile phone when they crashed their car. Sadly, someone has lost their life, and a family has lost a member, but hopefully we learn from it and reduce the possibility of it happening to others.

So, in answer to the question "Should bullies fear for their lives?", the answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

Just as we've had government funded advertising campaigns aimed to make people fear being killed by smoking, drink driving or unprotected sex, it would be no bad thing for bullies to be made aware of the danger in which they place themselves, and those close to them. Surely that would discourage bullying, just as it has discouraged smoking.

Obviously, it's not enough to tell a bully that it makes the target feel bad. That's why they do it. They need to be aware that it can and does lead to targets losing control and taking revenge on the bullies. And because they may feel they have nothing to lose, that revenge could take any form imaginable, or even unimaginable

We only learn of bullies being killed by their targets when it is obvious, and often the target takes their own life at the same time they kill the bully. Who knows how many unsolved murders may have been carried out by someone the dead person bullied in their distant past, and with whom they no longer had any connection. The bully may have long forgotten their target, but memories of bullying can live with the target for a very long time, and every day of their life. They may feel that the only way they can ever get the memories of bullying out of their minds, is to kill the bullies and those that allowed it to happen. I know for sure that I will never be able to forget what has happened to me. I certainly don't want to have to kill anyone, but that would be true too of just about every victim of bullying who went on to kill. We just want the bullying to stop, and the memories to leave us.

The target may even decide not to kill the bully, but to punish them in a way that will allow them to watch the bully suffer, just as the bully took pleasure in watching the target suffer.

Ironically, it may only be after I'm dead that a proper investigation will be carried out into what has gone on at Stirling University. and why all of the obvious evidence was simply ignored and covered up. The buck stops with Gerry McCormac and Christine Hallett, but astonishingly there was no shortage of employees eager to put the boot in.

When you take everything from a man, including his dignity, his job, his ability to make a living, it means that he has nothing to lose, whatever he chooses to do.

When you lie to cover up for a bully, you could place the bully in far greater danger than they would have faced had you told the truth, and you could place yourself and your family in danger too.

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