Stirling University Court - What's the Point of it?

Any idea?

Harry  Adam

Harry Adam is a member. He looks fairly happy about it. This may be his day off though, as he is not wearing a hat. It could be a disguise! Harry is an HR Director for Ian Williams Ltd in Bristol. Is he happy with the corrupt methods used by HR at Stirling University? What is the point of him being a member? Does he enjoy the free shortbread and alcohol? Does it look good on his CV? I'm pretty sure Harry reads my blog, so maybe he will tell us. His association with a corrupt management can't be good for Ian Williams Ltd can it? Is he too frightened to tell Gerry McCormac to get his house in order? Did he recruit Gerry? Is Gerry a mate of his? I'm sure we'd all love to know, Harry. Do they pay you to turn a blind eye? Don't you think Stirling University would benefit if you were replaced by someone who actually gave a damn?

What is Stirling University Court? Is it a gentlemen's only drinking club? Do they have special hand shakes?

How much does it cost? What does it do? Who pays for it? Who decides how much it is paid? Does it determine how much salary the members of management receive?

Are they pleased that management is corrupt? Are the members of Court required to be corrupt? Are there members of the corrupt management who are also members of Court? If so, how do the honest members of Court feel about that? Are there any honest members of Court? If so, do they wear a different uniform? How would a member of the public be able to identify an honest one? Are they allowed to say that they are honest when really they're not?

Why do the members want to be members? Is it like networking? Is it for the kudos or to boost their ego, or because they genuinely want to do good on behalf of the university? Is it for the free drinks, free shortbread and special handshakes? Is it good for business?

Do they have to swear never to repeat what is said at meetings - the real meetings? Any connection with witches' covens and animal sacrifice? Do they speak in tongues?

Have any former members of Court ever lived to tell their tale? Are you ever allowed to become a former member of Court? What about their knowledge of the special handshakes? Do they change the handshakes every time someone leaves?

Has any member of the Court ever dared to suggest that management should be investigated? What punishment would such a member have to undergo? Would their families also be punished? Is there a secure shelter for former members of Court and their families who have suggested that management should be investigated?

Do they get to wear robes and masks? Anything sexual that we should be aware of? Devil worship? Do they have special songs that they sing before meetings - the real meetings?

How do I apply for membership? Is integrity an advantage or a disadvantage to joining? Could I join part time or temporarily? What if I don't have time to attend the meetings - the unreal meetings? Would it help if I know some good handshakes and can drink a lot, especially when it's free? Would I get to wear a hat?

Can they arrange contract killings? Any connection with the Mafia or the Krays? Any political allegiances, or allegiances to the monarchy? Is the Queen a member; not an ordinary member obviously, but like a special member?

Does membership earn you a discount at Tescos? Would I get a membership card with my photo on it? Are there local laws that I would be allowed to break because I was a member? Would I receive shares in the university's solicitors? Would I receive a bonus every time Stirling University loses an Employment Tribunal case?

What are the hours like? What's the first thing I'd have to do every Monday morning? Would I have to wear my hat while I did it? Who would I have to tell once I've done it? Are there any disciplinary procedures? Is bullying allowed, especially bullying based on gender? Would it be compulsory for vegetarians to sacrifice animals? Couldn't they maybe sacrifice a lentil instead?

Am I allowed to start up an alternative Court in competition with the existing one? Would my Court be allowed to undercut them on costs, say by replacing the hats with tasteful, yet cost effective badges?

Would I be allowed to advertise my Court as A Court With A Point To It?

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